New slaughterhouse in Horsens, Denmark

Danish Crown New slaughterhouse, Horsens 
 Photo: Tao Lytzen.
Having analysed the production processes in the pig slaughterhouse field, Danish Crown, owning the largest slaughterhouses in Europe, decided to build the world’s most energy-conscious and environmentally sound slaughterhouse.
The new facilities should supply competitive fresh pork products which fulfil the requirements of the customers as to quality, production guarantee and variety.

The slaughterhouse was constructed according to known technology, hereby ensuring that the resources were used in the best possible way and at the same time taking due consideration to both working environment and surroundings.

As the main consultant, COWI designed all engineering and architectural works with the assistance of 4 specialist consulting companies in the design of the process plant.

The total investment costs provided for in the budget amount to 300 mio. USD. This made the project the largest private industrial project ever constructed in one stage in Denmark.

The slaughterhouse has a weekly capacity of 75,000 pigs to be processed by 1,400 workers. The buildings cover an area of 76,000 m2.

The facilities comprise slaughter lines, cooling tunnels and cold stores, cutting and boning lines and wrapping and dispatch rooms. At a later stage, freezing facilities in the immediate vicinity of the plant will be established.

The design started in January 2001, start of construction took place in August 2002 and commissioning took place in September 2004.

LAST UPDATED: 18.09.2017