Development of new bio-reactor for fermentation

Development of new bio-reactor for fermentation 
 Photo: COWI.

Grundfos will develop their existing BioBooster PBR® concept to a bioreactor, which can operate under aseptic conditions.

Concept development

COWI’s responsibility is to develop a design for new fermentation processes, such as production of enzymes and pharmaceuticals, where the production must be carried out under sterile conditions, both during preparation of substrates for the process and during the growth and product formation during fermentation. The concept is similar to the disc system used in the BioBooster, consisting of an advanced rotating disc system, where a bio film of micro organisms are renewed continuously.

The present system is not designed for aseptic applications and can only be used for aerobic treatment of wastewater.

The tasks include principles for aseptic design, detailed drawings of the reactor and critical components, specifications of instruments and components, follow-up during manufacturing, test of equipment and assistance during commissioning.

Application of concept

The equipment will be tested on different types of fermentation, where growth and product formations by selected micro organisms are expected to result in a higher performance when the micro organisms are cultivated as a surface culture.

The development takes place in collaboration with the Department of Systems Biology at the Technical University of Denmark, where different test fermentation will be conducted.

LAST UPDATED: 18.09.2017