Factory for pharmaceutical chewing gum

Fertin Pharma AS - New factory pharmaceutical chewing gum 
 Photo: Thomas Lindblad.
COWI was in charge of design, erection, commissioning and qualification of a new factory in Vejle, Denmark for production of pharmaceutical chewing gum for Fertin Pharma A/S.

COWI had the responsibility for the entire project process from preparation of the basis on which the decision to execute the project was to be made until commencement of commercial production in the completed factory.

The project included design and qualification of the buildings, process equipment and automation systems of the factory including utility systems for supply and cleaning.

Layout of the factory

The total built-up area is approx. 4,000 m2 on two floors, corresponding to approx. 8,000 m2 floorage, and includes production areas, areas for technical installations and administration.

Fulfillment of requirement on cGMP and working & external environment necessitated heavy requirements on process equipment and design and arrangement of the building. The layout of the factory provides a distinct separation of clean and unclean areas, and the ventilation systems are built in such a way that indoor climate and pressure conditions are individually controllable in the various rooms.

FDA-inspected factory

The production of nicotine chewing gum is for sale to the North American market, where chewing gum added pharmaceutical materials are considered active medicine.

Consequently the factory was designed and built in compliance with all requirements on pharmaceutical production and was inspected - without any observations (483) - by the American Food and Drug Administration, FDA, in May 2004.

LAST UPDATED: 19.09.2017