Kuwaiti Danish Dairy, Subhan, Kuwait - Reconstruction of dairy after major fire

Kuwaiti Danish Dairy, Subhan, Kuwait - Reconstruction of dairy after major fire 
 Photo: COWI.
On 27 October 2009, a major fire raged through the basement of KDD’s dairy plant and brought production to a standstill. Large parts of the utility systems were destroyed and the milk reception, and the recombining and pre-processing facilities were heavily damaged by the fire.

As the turnkey consultant, COWI is responsible for assessing the damage and preparing the damage assessment reports for the insurance company. In addition, COWI is responsible for the reconstruction of the dairy production plant, which includes temporary reconstructions of the damaged plant and a permanent reconstruction. The first part of the temporary production facilities was in operation less than two months after the fire and full capacity of the plant is scheduled for 1 June 2010.

Fast and efficient actionIt is extremely important to act quickly after a fire of this scale and COWI immediately assigned an onsite team of four persons to the project to deal with the critical tasks at hand.

The fire had caused extensive soot damage to KDD’s buildings and equipment and therefore COWI’s onsite team immediately hired local workers and international specialists, who could start cleaning the buildings and equipment.

Everyone involved in the project has been fully committed to reconstructing the dairy plant as fast as possible. Moreover, the combination of COWI’s fire expertise, knowledge of dairy processing plants and customer relations have produced a synergy effect that has optimized the different phases of the project.

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