Lantmännen Danpo, Aars, Denmark - Extension and redesign

Lantmännen Danpo, Aars, Denmark - Extension and redesign 
 Photo: COWI.
Danpo’s plant had been expanded many times over previous years and as a result, Danpo considered it necessary to invest in a new and enhanced production layout. The original layout of the slaughterhouse and the location of the production processes caused inefficiency during the internal transportation of goods, which contributed to higher production costs.

The strategy of the company was to streamline production and this resulted in the relocation of several production lines. Moreover, the project included an automatic conveyance system and storage facilities for fresh meat products after the cutting of slaughtered poultry.

COWI was Danpo’s consultant on the project from preliminary discussions and analyses concerning the layout to handover of the finished facility. In addition, COWI was in charge of planning, contracting, execution, and inspection of all traditional engineering services such as construction, electrical works, cooling, environmental issues, and water, heating and sanitation.

COWI’s services also included the preparation of tender documents and contracts, as well as the acquisition and implementation of a new crate conveyor system, which was an essential aspect of the new production layout at Danpo in Aars.

Optimized production
One of the key words for all companies today is performance optimization. Over the years, COWI has acquired specialist knowledge of the problems faced by slaughterhouses and meat processing companies and routinely applies this expertise and knowledge of production processes to implement practical solutions for optimized performance.

Process equipmentBased on a large number of projects, COWI has prepared a manual and substantial standard documentation for specifications pertaining to production equipment within the manufacturing industry with specific focus on food processing. This material was used for eg the preparation of tender documents for and contracting of Danpo’s new crate conveyor system and a related random storage system. The systems were put out to tender with a number of Danish suppliers, and in cooperation with COWI, Danpo was able to negotiate a satisfactory agreement based on the specification material.

Lantmännen Danpo was faced with the particular challenges often faced by the food industry today, ie the hygienic design of the processing facility and the significant requirements pertaining to the reliability of operation and control, including the traceability of products through the plant. The latter is often a requirement from customers and veterinarians.

LAST UPDATED: 18.09.2017