Nortura - Malvik, Norway - New slaughterhouse

Nortura - Malvik, Norway - New slaughterhouse 
 Photo: COWI.
Nortura is Norway’s largest slaughterhouse and meat processing company. Over the years, Nortura has carried out a number of rationalization projects and in the fall of 2008 the decision was made to establish a new slaughterhouse. As a result, Nortura acquired a project in progress in 2008, which was initiated in 2007 by a rival company.

When Nortura acquired the project, the whole project layout had to be revised. COWI was directly involved in this work and COWI’s engineers were represented in all of Nortura’s working groups, which each attended to the development of a plant area. The work resulted in the design of a modern cattle and sheep/lamb slaughterhouse scheduled for completion by the middle of 2010.

COWI Food Plant DesignA significant part of COWI’s key competencies within food production were applied during the planning of Nortura’s new plant facilities. One of our primary objectives was to keep developing our knowledge of process technology for the food industry, adding value to our customers in relation to performance and technology. COWI has worked with design of food processing companies for many years and has great knowledge of the requirements to hygienic and modern production.

Process equipmentOver many years, COWI has systematically prepared a manual and substantial standard documentation for specification pertaining to production equipment within the manufacturing industry with specific focus on food processing. This material was adjusted to meet the requirements of the project and used for eg tender documents and contracting of all the process equipment for Nortura’s new plant. The equipment was put out to tender with a number of Danish suppliers, and in cooperation with COWI, Nortura was able to negotiate a satisfactory agreement based on the specification material.

The particular challenges faced by the food industry are hygienic design of the processing plant and significant requirements to reliability of operation and control, including traceability of the products through the plant which is of a requirement from customers and veterinarians.

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