Oseberg Øst platform concept study

Oseberg Øst platform concept study 
 Photo: Hydro Media.
In January 1996 Norsk Hydro Exploration and Production awarded to COWI a contract for a concept study of a topside for Oseberg Øst platform. The Oseberg Øst is the fourth platform located in the Oseberg area. The distance to Oseberg Field Centre is 27 km, to Oseberg C 15 km.
The Oseberg Øst Platform concept consists of a combined, manned, drilling and production facility. For the drilling purpose a derrick, pipe rack and pipe handling equipment are provided with total operating load of approx. 1400 tonnes. The remaining drilling facilities are supplied from Tender Support Vessel (TSV) moored by the platform and connected with the topside by an enclosed bridge.

The Oseberg Øst platform is equipped with 6 oil producing, 6 water injecting, 2 water producing and 4 spare slots/wells. The separation equipment is limited to 1st stage separator. Produced oil and gas is then transported via pipelines to Oseberg Field Centre for further processing.

Water lifted from the Utsira reservoir combined with the produced water is re-injected into the reservoir. For this purpose 2 x 4 MW electric motor driven injection pumps are provided.

A gas compression train consisting of three electric driven compressors is installed with delivery pressures suitable for gas injection, gas lift and Utsira water lift, at pressures of 325 bara, 210 bara and 80 bara respectively.

The electric power supply is provided by three generators, a gas turbine driven 25 MW main generator, a diesel driven 3 MW essential generator and a diesel driven 1 MW emergency generator.

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