South Arne, Nybro - Onshore gas transmission pipeline

South Arne Nybro - Onshore gas transmission pipeline 
 Photo: COWI.
The project is part of a new natural gas pipeline with a capacity of 13 million m3 per day from South Arne gas field to the gas treatment plant at Nybro.
The onshore pipeline is 18.7 km long and the alignment has been chosen with due consideration to the environment during the construction period. For instance the grey dune in the vulnerable coastal zone is spared by the construction of a 400 m long drilled concrete tunnel in which the gas pipeline is installed.

Furthermore, the working area has been reduced from the normal 20 m to 14 m in the most sensitive areas.

The design pressure is 150 bar. Materials and welding procedures have been selected covering a temperature range from -45° to +50°C.

The lower temperature reflects the cooling situation, simulating blowdown of the pipeline, and the upper temperature accounts for the heating from the compressor station on the platform.

Welding and ultrasonic inspection of the pipeline has been carried out as a partly automatic process.

Pressure testing of the pipeline was carried out with 226 bar at class location 3 at Nybro, and at 203 bar at the class location 1 area on the remaining sections.

Line valve stations are established in the coastal area just after the tunnel under the grey dunes and at Nybro in connection with the scraper station.

LAST UPDATED: 18.09.2017