Syntese A/S - Cooling and heating plant

Syntese AS Cooling and heating plant 
 Photo: Tao Lytzen.
In 2004, Syntese A/S, a danish pharmaceutical plant, constructed a new cooling and heating plant with a capacity four times the previous capacity. The reason for the construction was new requirements for a doubling of the production and a halving of the production time.

The physical limitations of the existing boiler plant, a worn-out cooling plant and requirements to security of supply of cooling and heating in the entire building period resulted in the construction of a new common power station located in a separate building.

Interruption of supply of cooling and heating should be kept at an absolute minimum. This was achieved by linking the new and the existing distribution systems through piping between the new power plant and the factory.

Cooling plant

The new cooling plant replaced an air-cooled freon plant which supplied ethylene glycol at -15°C and +2°C, respectively.

By dividing the system into two sub-systems and by using evaporative condenser, a significant improvement of COP (Coefficient of Performance) has been achieved.

The plant is based on a 150 kW compressor unit with economizer for the -15°C system and a 600 kW compressor unit for the +2°C system, both with ammonia as refrigetant and a common evaporative condenser with a frequency-modulated fan motor.

By replacing a dry cooler with a closed cooling tower with a frequency-modulated fan motor on the +30°C system, a significant reduction of the power consumption has been achieved. In addition, this solution has given larger capacity and lower supply temperatures.

The evaporative condenser and the closed cooling tower have been dimensioned for dry operation at low loads, thereby achieving a major reduction of the water consumption.

Boiler plant

The new boiler plant has been established as an extension of the existing plant, comprising an evaporator and a steam boiler.

Due to limited space and greatly varying steam consumption, the optimum solution has been a steam generator.

The new boiler plant comprises a complete steam plant with boiler, condenser tank, blow-out tank, feed pumps for the steam generator and existing boiler plant as well as a chemical dosing plant.

The steam generator supplied with a gas oil burner has been designed with a performance capability of 3,000 kg steam per hour at a pressure of 10 bar.

LAST UPDATED: 19.09.2017