New Factory at Avedøre Holme, Denmark

New Factory at Avedøre Holme, Denmark   
 Photo: Mogens Carrebye.
Being part of the TOMS Confectionery Group, Pingvin/Galle & Jessen have for several years produced confectionery, such as Gajol, liquorice and jelly gums, in a factory situated in the centre of Copenhagen.
In January 1997, COWI was given the task of preparing a plan and a budget for relocation of Pingvin/Galle & Jessen either to new premises in the metropolitan area or to premises located southwest of Copenhagen.

In June 1997, TOMS decided to relocate Pingvin/Galle & Jessen to the southwest area, and COWI was assigned as the main consultant in connection with layout of an industrial plant with a total floor space of approx. 22,000 m2, mainly located in one floor.

New production machinery was installed and commissioned during the summer of 1998 to achieve an increased production capacity and to maintain the production during the relocation period. A stepwise relocation of the production machinery was finalised at the turn of the year 1998-1999. The project comprised steam boilers, cooling system and advanced venting installations for production machinery and buildings.

The project was carried out in a close co-operation between TOMS Fabrikker, Pingvin and COWI.

The contractors were: Tuchenhagen Scandinavia A/S, Monberg & Thorsen A/S, Semco A/S, A/S Albertsen & Holm and Unit Industry A/S.

During the planning phase, COWI participated in work groups within process optimisation, energy, environment and working conditions.

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