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Environmental Investment Planning, Turkey

Measures have been proposed to bring down air pollution in Karabük 
 Photo: Emre Tokcaer.

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Heavy environmental investments are required before Turkey joins the EU. This project assisted the government in strategic planning and the development of six projects for financing.
The project consortium, headed by COWI, has estimated that Turkey needs to finance new investments in the order of EUR 70 billion to fulfil the EU's environmental acquis. 

The specific objective of the project was to identify and rank projects in the priority environmental sectors: water, waste, air and industrial pollution control (IPC), and to identify and catalogue the existing financial instruments available for environmental investments. 

Three-pronged strategy

The project followed a three-pronged strategy:

  • Strategic investment planning including an overall environmental financing strategy and coherent and realistic investment plans for 20 capital intensive EU directives 
  • Development of six investment packages from project ideas into projects ready for financing 
  • Capacity development to enhance the capacity of the Turkish administration to develop, update and revise implementation plans and to prepare and secure financing for future investment packages.

LAST UPDATED: 24.05.2017