Bergen Airport, Flesland in Norway

Photo: Narud Stokke Wiig Architects and Planleggere AS
COWI is involved in expansion projects at Norway's two largest airports: Bergen Airport, Flesland and Oslo Airport, Gardermoen.
The contractor, Avinor Norge, has chosen COWI and partners as advisors on the expansion of Bergen Airport, the second largest airport in Norway.

Bergen Airport, Flesland is the second busiest airport in Norway. Upon completion in 2017, the airport will have an upgraded taxiway system and a new passenger terminal building. The airport will have capacity for 7.5 million passengers per year.

The airport will have 30 aircraft stands of which 15 have direct access from the terminal, while the remaining 15 stands have remote access.

Relocation of taxiways

COWI was contracted by Bergen Airport, Flesland to carry out a major redesign of taxiways due to non compliance with ICAO rules.

The work consisted of relocation of Taxiway Y for a distance of 3,000 m and Taxiway W for a distance of 1,000 m and also relocation of cross taxiways for a total length of 1,500 m.

In connection with the taxiway relocation a new primary and secondary cable duct system was designed and constructed along with a new surface drainage system with separators for collection of contaminated substances. An important design feature was an underground channel from the ocean to a nearby lake to secure water flow and allow for passage for sea trout and eel.

Lightrail and new terminal building

In addition to the design of a new 65,000m2 terminal building, COWI and partners are engaged to a major extension and remodelling project for the existing passenger terminal building and will also oversee the renovation of the apron and access roads.

One of the major challenges will be to integrate a light rail into the new terminal, connecting the airport and the city of Bergen.

The environmentally friendly Bergen Light Rail (Bybanen) has already been built in the city and will be extended all the way to the airport.

The team will also design smaller enlargements of the existing terminal which will help to handle the passenger growth until the new terminal is ready for the planned opening in 2017.


Avinor Norge selected COWI, Norconsult, Aas-Jacobsen and engineer Per Rasmussen because of the team's ability to understand the task, establish a suitable  organisation, and  the teams capacity and experience from similar projects.

This experience is gained on other major airport projects, such as the extension of Oslo Airport Gardermoen.

The new terminal at Bergen Airport is planned to be fully operational in 2017.

LAST UPDATED: 05.05.2017