Oslo International Airport, Norway

Photo: Avinor
COWI in a Joint Venture with Nordic — Office of Architecture and Norconsult designs a major expansion of the Oslo International Airport.

Oslo International Airport, Gardermoen, is extending the passenger terminal building, and building a new pier with 19 new aircraft stands, a new taxiway system and a redesign of the forecourt areas.

The planned expansion will take the capacity of the airport from 17 to 28 million passengers in the first phase and further to 35 million passengers in a later stage.

Single terminal concept

Though the client originally asked for a proposal for a “Terminal 2”, one of the main features of the winning design is a continuation of the single terminal concept.

The presented single terminal concept allows for premium flexibility, simplifies passenger way finding and optimizes staff resources by minimizing split operation.

The single terminal concept is estimated to have more than 20% higher capacity compared with a dual terminal concept of the same size.

Innovative cooling system

The new terminal expansion must comply with the client’s requirements on sustainability. E.g. the requirement regarding energy consumption is a 50% reduction compared with the existing passenger terminal from 1998.

The project team has developed an innovative solution on cooling of the passenger terminal during the summer season with a minimum consumption of energy:

Up to 44,000 m3 of the winter snow will be collected and compressed in a snow store on the airport site. The store is insulated to keep the snow for the summer season and use it for cooling the airport buildings via a district cooling system.

The preliminary design was completed in January 2010 and the completion of the several billion NOK expansion project is scheduled for 2017.

LAST UPDATED: 06.05.2017