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List of selected water and wastewater projects

Photo: COWI
This list of selected project references offers a quick overview of COWI's diverse international activities within the water and wastewater sector.  

Sector and regional planning 

  • Ukraine national water sector strategy and action plan - policies, strategies and action plan, DANCEE
  • Environmental financing strategies for water and wastewater services for Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Latvia, as well as the Kaliningrad, Pskov and Novgorod Oblasts within the Russian Federation - national/regional policies and strategies, OECD
  • Sichuan and Chongqing urban water and wastewater strategy study - planning and strategies, WB
  • Wastewater master plan for Southern Morava region, Serbia - Master planning, preliminary and detailed designs, EU

Water and wastewater: Safety and health

  • Risk assessment of Giardia and Cryptosporidium in water
  • Risk assessment of virus in bathing water and retention basins.

 Water supply

  • Reform and modernisation of Kyiv Vodokanal, Ukraine - feasibility study and institutional reforms, DANCEE
  • SAMTID, small and medium towns infrastructure development project, Romania - master planning, feasibility studies, design, tender documents, institutional reform, the EU
  • Water and wastewater improvements in urban areas at the Baltic Sea Coast, Kaliningrad, Russian Federation - planning, feasibility study, design, tender documents, supervision and institutional reforms, DANCEE
  • Third water supply and sanitation programme, Sri Lanka - planning, feasibility studies, design, procurement, supervision, institutional development and operations management, ADB
  • Urban water supply, Iringa phase II, Tanzania - design, tender documents and supervision, KfW
  • MAKIS II water treatment plant - tender documents and PIU support during implementation, EBRD
  • Rousse water supply project - tender documents and PIU during implementation, EBRD
  • Technical assistance to prepare water supply projects for eight municipalities, Turkey - master plans, feasibility studies, FOPIRs, designs and tender documents, the EU

Wastewater and stormwater management systems

  • Odense Water: Large construction project in partnering (PPP), Denmark - design and supervision, Odense Vand
  • Kaliningrad water and environmental services rehabilitation project, Russian Federation - design and procurement, EBRD
  • Rehabilitation and extension of water and wastewater collectors in Szczecin, Poland - supervision, the EU
  • Halong City water supply and sanitation project, Vietnam - planning, design, supervision and institutional development, DANIDA
  • Operational assistance to the Wastewater Management Authority, Thailand - institutional development and operations management, DANIDA
  • Technical assistance to prepare wastewater treatment projects for 15 mnicipalities, Turkey - master plans, feasibility studies, FOPIRs, designs and tender documents, EU

Wastewater treatment plants

  • Kuryanovo wastewater treatment plant, Moscow, Russian Federation 10 million p.e. - planning, design, procurement and supervision, DANCEE
  • Brno Modrice wastewater treatment plant, Czech Republic - procurement, supervision and PIU support, EBRD
  • Malta and Gozo wastewater treatment plants, Malta - planning, design, tender documents and supervision, EIB
  • Antalya: two wastewater treatment plants and four pumping stations - design review and supervision, WB
  • Abu Dhabi: two wastewater treatment plants 1 million p.e. and 250,000 p.e. - tender design, contractor


LAST UPDATED: 01.02.2016