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Fire Engineering

Photo: COWI
The need for protecting people and property against fire is obvious and indisputable. COWI's fire safety team offers cost-effective technical solutions worldwide.

Concerning life safety and asset protection, COWI Fire team seeks to provide the most appropriate solution to every project in close collaboration and dialog with architects and clients around the world.

Our engineering methods and computer modelling give us a solid foundation for developing the best fire safety solutions without compromising the functional requirements or aesthetics of the structures.

Simulations, calculations, research and standards
We use our knowledge of fire science and human behaviour, latest technologies, international codes and standards to assess and mitigate the impacts of fire and smoke in any building.

Among our services we design hypoxic fire prevention systems, perform risk assessment and hazard analysis along with fire and explosion simulations. We support with authority approvals, prepare safety strategies and thermo structural fire analysis and we do research, testing and standardization.

LAST UPDATED: 03.07.2014