Railway dynamics

Photo: COWI
The technical specification for interoperability concerning the trans-European high-speed infrastructure subsystem applies to all European high-speed railways. Thereby, the requirements of several Eurocodes for train/track dynamic interaction, train runability and cross-wind effects will apply

High-speed trains

High-speed trains require state of the art calculation procedures with respect to train runability, safety and passenger comfort. COWI uses in-house expertise and experience to perform such state of the art calculations needed for projects like the Øresund Bridge and the planned Qatar-Bahrain causeway and the Messina Strait Bridge, Italy.


COWI refers the most recent version of Eurocode in order to use the most up to date regulations in a given area. COWI is also adapting to local codes and regulations if local codes specify other regulations than what is specified in Eurocode.


Using the highly versatile and proven in-house program IBDAS, COWI can produce quick and precise results regarding rail/train/bridge interaction under different load cases by using a specially developed train model with multiple degrees of freedom per coach. The model setup can also take turbulent cross-wind interaction into account.

LAST UPDATED: 01.04.2017