Structural health monitoring systems

Photo: COWI
Structural health monitoring performs structural characterisation and damage detection over time in order to provide reliable information regarding the integrity and serviceability of the structure

COWI has genuine experience in structural health monitoring. Various projects are completed in this field including design of structural health monitoring systems (SHMS) for new and existing structures and planning, installation, testing and trouble-shooting. Many complex structures require tailor-made solutions, and our experts provide key competences in the following areas:

  • Emerging sensor technologies, especially with fibre optic sensor (FOS) technologies
  • Design, procurement, installation and  operation of advanced structural health mnitoring systems and their numerous components
  • Structural dynamics, structural testing and environmental assessment within noise and vibration control
  • SHM-based maintenance programming for a long service life.


Structural health monitoring system design

Structural health monitoring systems are designed to help the owner of a structure to:

  • carry out design verifications for design, construction, testing and long-term performance
  • review design loading and develop assessment loading
  • provide current information on load conditions as well as the condition of structural components for effective bridge operation
  • provide data  for effective maintenance planning, optimisation and safety evaluation via fatigue, vibration, force redistribution and displacement monitoring.

The systems work as a trouble-shooting tool when it comes to unforeseen structural problems.

Integration with maintenance management systems

COWI has developed state of the art methods for integrating structural health monitoring data with maintenance management systems based on a probabilistic approach. The outcome helps maintenance engineers to optimise maintenance plans based on a limited number of sensors in combination with visual inspection.

LAST UPDATED: 01.04.2017