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Bridge operation and maintenance

Photo: COWI
Bridges represent investments of large funds. Reliable operation and maintenance of bridges is therefore vital to ensure the value of these investments and to obtain long service lives.

High-profiled operation and maintenance services

COWI's services cover all types of bridges from minor road and railway bridges to world-class suspension and cable-stayed bridges and include:

  • inspection and monitoring
  • material technology
  • re-evaluation
  • maintenance strategies
  • rehabilitation and upgrading
  • expert services
  • operation management and systems
  • corridor studies.

COWI has extensive experience in development, use and implementation of efficient management systems. The newest methods in relation to bridge engineering are used.

Multidisciplinary services

COWI offers multidisciplinary services to ensure that the best possible solution - both technically and economically - is achieved. Material technology and expert services are largely included.

Research and development

Development of consultancy services that satisfy our customers is an integrated and vital part of our work.

Through participation in research projects such as the 'EU Sustainable Bridges Project' COWI continuously investigates and develops innovative structural systems as well as new technologies and analysis methods.



LAST UPDATED: 31.03.2017