Supervision of prefabrication and erection

Photo: COWI
Pont de Normandie, France

COWI has engineers with field experience from prefabrication and erection of bridges

During the erection of a bridge, each step of the erection needs to be controlled carefully to obtain the required distribution of forces and geometry.

With our in-house developed computer programme COWI can provide step-by-step calculations for the erection of bridges.

The effects of cast-in stresses and deformations, creep and shrinkage of concrete and construction tolerances are included and assessed with the programme.

Services for the realisation stage include:

  • Construction management
  • Detailed planning of the construction works
  • Supervision of prefabrication of bridge elements
  • Erection supervision
  • Calculation of precamber
  • Step-by-step calculation of erection stages
  • Calculation of the effects of built-in stresses and deformations
  • Control and adjustment of geometry and forces of cable supported bridges.

LAST UPDATED: 31.03.2017