Design of bridges

Bridge design has always been one of COWI's core activities. We design almost all kinds of bridges from over- and underpasses, over multi-level interchanges and segmental concrete bridges to innovative cable-supported bridges.

A continuous flow of bridge projects ensures that COWI has a large core team of bridge engineers dedicated to bridge design work. This team is highly flexible and up-to date. We are competitive in terms of rational design approach. 
Today, COWI is recognised for our state-of-the-art knowledge of design of major bridges. We are typically involved in more than 20 cable-supported bridges around the world at the same time.  


Our 'Integrated bridge design and analysis software' (IBDAS) facilitates a high quality fast-track design with consistency between analysis and project deliverables.  

Extreme loads

For many structures extreme loads become a governing factor for design and operation. Our specialist engineers cover expertise in various fields, such as aerodynamics, soil structure interaction, structural dynamics and vibrations, scour protection and earthquake protection.


LAST UPDATED: 31.03.2017