Health, safety and environment (HSE) for marine works

Photo: COWI
Marine and foundation works typically impact the surrounding marine and terrestrial environment during construction and operation. This impact needs to be mitigated. Moreover, marine terminals and port projects imply exchange of goods and commodities. Some of these may pose a safety risk (e.g. oil and gas terminals). Port security is also an important issue due to present worldwide terrorist threats to major infrastructure structures

The safety and security risks need to be addressed and typically mitigated in order to be acceptable and make the project viable.

During construction and operation occupational safety and health of the workers are essential. These issues need to be addressed both in the design and in the planning of the works.

COWI has dedicated staff to address HSSE issues in connection with marine and foundation works. These issues are normally integrated in our project/design activities. This means that mitigation measures are addressed early in the project cycle. This is in line with our company policy to create optimal and sustainable solutions for our customers.

We also offer stand-alone services such as:

  • Qualitative/quantitative risk analyses (QRA)
  • ISPS assessments
  • Environmental impact studies/assessments (EIA)
  • Environmental management.

LAST UPDATED: 07.02.2017