Ports and harbours

Photo: COWI
COWI provides a multidisciplinary pool of expertise of port and harbour engineering for governments, private enterprises and contractors on both large and small-scale projects
Range of experience

COWI has extensive experience of all types of ports, harbours and marinas, spanning from industrial scale fishing and handling of containers, bulk and liquid products over ferry- and cruise terminals to minor leisure oriented marinas.

In addition to marine engineering we have in-house capability that covers all associated landside requirements such as roads, rail, buildings, pavements and utilities.

Port and harbour developmentsFrom new facilities to expansion of existing facilities, COWI provides comprehensive services for port and harbour developments. The services for ports and harbours are thus multidisciplinary in nature and include, in principle, the same studies and design tasks and types of civil engineering structures as other marine structures. However, of special importance is the specific use of the ports and harbours and the type of boats or ships they shall accommodate. Each type of vessel and operation and type of loading and unloading equipment has its specific requirements.

Upgrading of existing facilities

Many existing ports require upgrading due to the trend towards increasing vessel size.

COWI analyses exsting structures and designs appropriate strengthe ning works to enable the deepening of berths.

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