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Environmental impact assessment for offshore wind farms

Photo: COWI
A thorough environmental impact assessment (EIA) is an obligatory component in any offshore wind farm project.

Based on our extensive experience, COWI applies comprehensive EIA procedures according to the highest international standards, to the environmental regulations in a specific country and to the environmental standards of the funding agency.

Solving conflicts

Seabirds constitute one major environmental risk, in particular in the shallow seas where offshore wind farms are being constructed. Often, seabirds migrate and feed at sites which are technically attractive for wind farms, and conflicts may arise.

Also, fish spawning areas and marine mammals are significant environmental elements and candidates for potential conflicts when locating and establishing wind farms. A thorough mapping of environmental sensitivity is therefore essential as part of securing a complete environmental baseline.

Our strong international network with partners, institutions and organisations enables us to obtain complete data and information which are important for conducting a comprehensive EIA.

Multidisciplinary solutions
COWI develops environmental risk models which take into account hydraulic features and oceanographic parameters necessary to create a trustworthy picture of the dynamic environment at a given wind farm site.

An integrated and important element in our approach to environmental impact assessments is the attention we give to multidisciplinary solutions. Due to our broad in-house competences we can challenge possible technical and environmental problems and find suitable and sustainable solutions, which can be approved by engineers, socio-economists as well as environmentalists and meet the needs of our customers.

LAST UPDATED: 06.01.2017