Met masts

Photo: COWI
A met mast design comprises instrumentation, mast and foundation. COWI has long and extensive experience in all three fields
Equipment for measurementCOWI has more than 25 years experience with wind measurement and is accredited by DANAK (the Danish national body for accreditation appointed by The Danish Safety Technology Authority) to carry out measurements on wind turbines including meteorological measurement.

These measurements are carried out on offshore as well as onshore met masts. We have been involved in investigations regarding optimal sensor mounting setup in order to minimise flow disturbance from mast and sensor boom. 

Furthermore, COWI has been involved in preparing the specifications for offshore met masts for DONG Energy. We are able to specify the correct equipment and the sensor mounting setup which comply with international standards for offshore meteorological measurements.

Masts and towers

COWI has extended the design experience in masts and towers substantially within the UK. COWI designs masts and towers for a great variety of instrumentation.

LAST UPDATED: 07.02.2017