Offshore substations


​Whilst making new initiatives to develop more sustainable energy in the future, wind power remains to be one of the preferred solutions to extract energy.

​COWI has developed and designed substructures and topsides for offshore substations to be used in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. Topsides includes all containing equipment and structural designs based on clients requirements.

Substructures of various types such as jacket and gravity based structures have been designed on a detailed design, basic design and conceptual design level.

COWI's project approach of combining structural, mechanical, process, and electrical engineering into integral solutions provides the client with optimum solutions for his specific project needs.

Further services are provided by COWI such as supervision, inspections and assisting in technical tender documents for clients and fabrication and installation related issues.

The latest offshore substations, which COWI has been involved in are;

  • Horns Rev C Topside and Jacket – Detailed Design (2014)
  • Kriegers Flak A and B Topsides - Detailed Design (2014)
  • Kriegers Flak A and B Substructures – Basic Design (2014-2015)
  • Rødsand B Topside and Gravity based structure – Detailed Design (2007-2008)

LAST UPDATED: 27.01.2017