Concept studies for offshore wind farms

Photo: COWI

The choice of a foundation type is dependant on a number of factors including turbine manufacturer, location, soil conditions etc.

COWI has extensive experience in performing concept studies in many countries based on our experience in detailed design of offshore wind farm foundations.

Conceptual design
Based on geotechnical, hydraulic and load information outlined in a design basis, COWI carries out concept designs to determine appropriate offshore wind farm foundations structures.

The conceptual design will typically assess:

  • water depth
  • environmental load
  • soil condition
  • turbine type
  • constructability issues.

A concept design comprises a qualified technical description of the concepts and present constraints, benefits and challenges related to the individual concepts. This will include an assessment of platform location and access systems to the turbine.

The qualified technical description is substantiated by structural concept design calculations of main structural members as necessary. Typically, hydraulic or geotechnical modelling will not be included in the conceptual design.

LAST UPDATED: 07.02.2017