Geotechnical and geophysical studies

Photo: COWI

Proper and appropriate geotechnical and geophysical investigations are essential for all sorts of marine structures no matter whether it is marine infrastructure projects, offshore oil and gas projects or offshore wind farms

As leading consultant and designer for various types of marine structures COWI possesses vast experience in planning, managing and interpretation of all kinds of geotechnical and geophysical investigations.

A prerequisite for successful offshore projects are proper and appropriate geotechnical and geophysical site investigations. COWI has the appropriate expertise in all kinds of offshore geotechnical engineering and geosciences and the necessary skills to undertake planning, supervision and interpretation of any kind of marine survey assignments.

Experienced geotechnical engineers
At COWI, a number of geoscience staff has a solid educational background and extensive experience in geotechnical engineering.

COWI's approach is based on close communication with the client to ensure that information is efficiently distributed.

COWI can support with:

  • Assessment of requested geotechnical and geophysical  investigation tailored for the actual project
  • Preparation of tender documents: Assessment of what is needed, techniques and equipment to use, selection of best contractors to approach
  • Assessment of suitability of equipment, vessels and personnel
  • Selection of contractor and assistance on contract negotiation
  • Consultancy on marine and offshore survey practices
  • Representation of any kind of offshore survey from seabed mapping (bathymetry, acoustic imaging of the seafloor and seabed profiling, coring and ground truthing (any kind of grab sampling or visual inspection)
  • Supervision of site investigations
  • Interpretation of provided geotechnical data and assessment of geotechnical design basis.

LAST UPDATED: 07.02.2017