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Operation and maintenance

Photo: COWI
Höga Kusten Bridge, Sweden. Wrapping of main cables for corrosion protection.
COWI’s expertise when it comes to infrastructure does not stop with construction. We also provide the operation and maintenance services that keep them functional.

Whether for bridges, tunnels, marine structures or other large structures, operation and maintenance of transport infrastructure is one of COWI’s core activities. Our aim is to ensure safe operation and maximum service life based on the newest methods and within reliable budgets.

Unforeseen maintenance costs can be an unpleasant surprise. By taking a proactive approach to operation and maintenance, COWI seeks to reduce the overall cost of maintenance by providing the correct upkeep – before costly problems emerge.

Full array of servicesIn order to identify the condition of transport infrastructure, COWI can employ a full array of services that span from simple survey methods to complete three-dimensional modelling. Regardless of which type of service we provide, our experts always draw on COWI’s 80 years of experience in infrastructure design, construction and maintenance.

Tailor-made systems
As well as keeping a constant eye on ways to improve operational systems, COWI, thanks to its multidisciplinary approach to consulting, is also one of the only companies offering tailor-made solutions for organisations that choose to perform maintenance on their own.

LAST UPDATED: 31.03.2017