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Photo: COWI
2nd Inchoen Bridge
Identifying the risks involved with the construction and operation of infrastructure, and coming up with ways to reduce those risks is at the core of COWI’s risk management services.

Ethically, legally and financially, safety is a vital consideration when building or operating infrastructure. But determining how to achieve adequate safety levels is a complicated process that involves a complex mix of design, user patterns and control systems. COWI’s risk management and analysis provides risk minimising solutions based on a systematic identification of possible risks, as well as experience-based evaluations of the likelihood and consequence of an accident.

Through more than 30 years of providing specialist services, COWI has integrated risk management into a wide spectrum of tasks. The experience has been achieved by solving practical problems for public and private clients that include developers, contractors and owners.

More than just infrastructureOur experience in risk management comes mainly from its involvement in projects related to infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels or railways as well as the chemical and oil industries, but its methods can be and are applied to risk assessment in nearly any area.

Multiple risksCOWI’s risk assessment looks at a structure’s design, the effects of accidents, such as ship collisions against bridges, and the potential for damage caused by wind, flooding and waves. In the case of bridges, COWI uses manoeuvre simulations in combination with risk assessment to determine layouts and designs that can prevent or limit the effects of collisions, such as the construction of artificial islands near bridge piers.

LAST UPDATED: 31.03.2017