Service life design

Photo: COWI
The Øresund bridge is designed for a 100 year service life.
Coming up with ways to extend the lifespan of infrastructure projects is integral to the design process at COWI

As the size and scope of modern bridges, tunnels and marine construction projects increases, so do the demands on the materials that are used to build them. The lifespan of many infrastructure projects now exceeds 100, 150 and even 200 years, far surpassing the design life considered by most standards.

Meeting the challenge of how to get more out of building materials has made COWI a world leader when it comes to finding methods to ensure that bridges, tunnels and other transport structures last as long as planned.

Solutions to meet any challenge
COWI has over 40 years’ expertise in materials development, investigation methods, durability design and technologies from the design through the as-built phase. That experience allows us to tailor materials solutions by selecting the most appropriate material to suit the structure’s purpose, the environmental conditions it will be exposed to, construction methods and service life.

Continued enhancementCOWI is continually seeking to enhance building materials and life-extending technology, and currently it is the only company providing reliability-based service life design for combating chloride- and carbonation-induced corrosion in reinforced concrete structures. In addition, we regularly take part in international projects relating to materials durability and service life.

LAST UPDATED: 21.04.2017