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Structures for infrastructure

Photo: Mogens Carreby

​Above ground or below, COWI provides an extensive range of structural design services for infrastructure projects.

​COWI has considerable experience within a wide range of infrastructure-related services, including structural design for new or existing structures of any scale in both urban and rural environments.

In addition to design, we provide planning, logistics and tendering services, while COWI’s in-house capabilities allow us to undertake a number of other related tasks. Whether it be managing complex, interrelated requirements such as utilities or environmental issues, COWI is able to offer clients end-to-end infrastructure services within a single consultancy.

Special challenges

COWI’s list of structural design projects includes services for public authorities and private enterprises at home and abroad. The broad range of clients has given us a solid foundation for understanding the special challenges related to working with different types of cultures and in climates ranging from polar to tropical.

Staying aheadIn order to remain on the leading edge of developments within structural design, we also participate in the development of new designs and materials while at the same time prioritising education of future engineers by participating in projects at the Technical University of Denmark.

LAST UPDATED: 24.02.2017