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Concourses for structures for infrastructure

Photo: COWI
COWI possesses extensive knowledge in planning, design and project management of infrastructure projects of any scale. This knowledge is put to use when designing large and complex concourses.

We always keep the user in focus and ensure that operation and maintenance can take place with minimal disturbance to the users; user-friendliness is the keyword when designing concourses.

Structural design
The structural design of a concourse takes into account a large number of variable loads and, in some cases, also needs to cater for special vehicles and heavy transports. Due to COWI's versatile in-house FE-progam IBBAS (integrated bridge design and analysis system) we are able to account for such complex loadings as an integral part of the structural design.

COWI provides consultancy services on:

  • Structural design as part of the architectural vision
  • Feasibility studies and cost estimates
  • Tendering and procurement
  • Construction management and site supervision
  • Operation and maintenance.

LAST UPDATED: 05.04.2017