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Platforms for structures for infrastructure

Photo: COWI
Platforms for structures for infrastructures range from relatively small, simple structures directly on the ground to large, elevated bridge structures spanning a considerable length

With our experience related to bridge design, COWI naturally undertakes the design of complex platforms also and draw on our in-house capabilities to solve the complex interaction between passengers and trains.

Regardless of the structural complexity, the user must experience safety and comfort at all times.

Urban environment and restricted access
Platforms are an integral element of structures which are typically located in an urban environment with restricted access. COWI provides innovative and flexible solutions to allow for fast construction to accommodate a continuous flow of traffic.

Typically, a large number of electrical and mechanical components are incorporated for control signals and lighting which is part of our experience.

Safety and comfort are key issues, and a range of services is provided:

  • Structural design
  • Dynamics
  • Electrical and mechanical components
  • Construction management and site supervision
  • Operation and maintenance.

LAST UPDATED: 20.04.2017