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Photo: COWI

Immersed tunnels are ideal for crossing waters of limited depth such as rivers, channels and harbour basins. 

Tunnels are often chosen as alternatives to bridge crossings to ensure unobstructed navigation. During feasibility and project development, our client will draw on COWI's wide and extensive expertise in all types of bridges and tunnels in order to optimise the actual project.

Immersed tunnel design

COWI's design is supported by intensive use of software developed in-house for all design phases:

  • Tunnel alignment is drawn to minimise dredging and environmental impact
  • Tunnel elements are designed to minimise quantities
  • Tunnel joints and membranes will ensure watertightness.

The production facilities, the seabed preparation and the marine operations etc. are planned on the basis of specialist in-house knowledge.

Our design is developed through more than 50 years with high attention to smooth operation conditions and low maintenance cost.

Important projects

COWI's position and knowledge are based on contributions to one or more phases of the majority of all immersed tunnel projects in Europe as well as on many projects outside Europe.

LAST UPDATED: 03.02.2017