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underground stations, parking and storage

Photo: Frederiksen
Underground stations are very challenging projects that require cooperation within multidisciplinary groups, including architects and town planners

Underground structures are today’s answer to cities when developing new city infrastructure, car parking or utility systems.

In close cooperation with town planners and architects COWI's engineers have developed and designed innovative and acclaimed underground structures.

Underground stations

For the Copenhagen Metro the task was to find places for underground metro stations in an ancient city with little space and historic buildings.
The design fulfilled stringent requirements in relation to architecture and environment-friendly solutions during both construction and operation.

Underground storage and utility systems

The various methods of tunneling and groundwater and soil retaining techniques have also been applied by COWI for the planning and the design of storm water retention basins, nuclear waste storage facilities and sewer systems.

Underground structures are multidisciplinary

Our structural, geotechnical, mechanical and ventilation engineers work together with town planners, environmentalists and traffic specialists.

LAST UPDATED: 03.02.2017