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Photo: COWI

​Architectural advice is about creating a framework for good living and working environments in collaboration with our clients and their users.

Good architectural advice guarantees a result that meets the current and future needs of the users and the goals, strategies and financial assumptions of our clients.

COWI has more than 100 architects in Denmark and at our offices around the world who design buildings for all purposes - from schools and health care buildings to offices and industrial buildings.

COWI's architects operate as part of an integrated building design team in close collaboration with our engineers and other specialists as part of COWI's 360° services. In this way, we cover all aspects of the building from the outset, and we ensure that surprises don't occur later in the design phase. Thus, our clients' projects can benefit from already established relationships across disciplines and national borders.

COWI's integrated building design covers all phases of the project, from feasibility studies, conceptual and detailed design and tender to supervision and site management. Our architects are experts in planning and programming the initial lay-out with regard to the specific use of the facilities as well as the local context. We design buildings that fit seamlessly into the landscape or cityscape in a sustainable and functional design, and which can subtly support and enhance our clients' image.

Sustainability is the underlying theme to all our services and incorporated in the design from the beginning.

Landscape design is another special area of competence. With a wide range of specialist skills within urban development, landscape and climate as a part of our full-service approach, our design team of urban developers map the potential of an area and create attractive outdoor spaces for the end users in full compliance and with particular attention to the existing nature and landscape.

LAST UPDATED: 31.10.2017