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BIM - Building Information Modeling

Photo: COWI

​COWI uses building information modeling in construction projects because it provides a more coordinated construction process.

​BIM is an abbreviation for Building Information Modeling covering an overall digital model of a building. The model can be used from the initial concept and design phase to operation and ultimately demolition and recycling of the building.

BIM streamlines the design and construction process

BIM is an effective tool for streamlining cooperation on building projects by supporting model-based communication and the recycling of information.

For example, with BIM, architects, engineers and contractors can gather all information about a building in one model. In this way, the parts involved do not need to establish the project from scratch in their respective systems, thus eliminating the risk of errors in reintroducing information.

All parts involved have access to the model at all times, and all relevant information is stored in one place.

A source of information

BIM can also be used for quality assurance by using collision control, as well as for lifetime analyses and simulations and calculations of CO2 consumption.

The production of building drawings is also more effective, as the drawings can be extracted directly from the model.

It is altogether possible to extract information from the model – whether you want intelligent models, regular 2D drawings, or various lists such as bills of quantities, bills of materials, or other schematic information.

Streamlines operations

BIM can be used by stakeholders after the building is completed. If working with an FM system with BIM integration, the building operator can quickly estimate how many square meters of walls to paint or how many faucets to check.

COWI can participate directly in projects and in the role of BIM Manager where the project partners are supported in making the most of the use of BIM on the project.

About COWI and BIM

We collaborate with software developers and participate in branch collaborations like buildingSMART, Bips and Digital Convergence.

We also participate in European development projects such as CoSpaces regarding the use of Augmented Reality in the BIM context.

LAST UPDATED: 20.11.2017