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Lighting design

​Light can create moods, increase comfort, and foster a safe and welcoming environment in buildings and urban spaces - and a well-planned lighting design can even curb or reduce energy costs.

​COWI's lighting designers advise on all aspects of lighting design - from office lighting to exhibitions and outdoor lighting. Our work often includes mock-ups, visualizations, master plans, calculations and audio-visual solutions.


Daylight plays an important role in how we experience buildings and indoor atmospheres, and daylight is an essential condition for physical and mental well-being. Besides enhancing the indoor climate, optimizing daylight conditions can reduce energy consumption.

COWI advises on the integration of daylight solutions, solar and climate shields and dynamic light that complements daylight by simulating the natural light in terms of brightness and colour temperature. Dynamic light is an advanced solution that invites daylight dynamic properties indoors and creates a stimulating, natural light.

In addition, COWI performs daylight calculations.

Lighting control

In recent years there has been an increased focus on lighting control and the optimization of lighting systems. This applies to daylight control as well as the use of space. Many rooms without daylight can advantageously be controlled by a motion sensor, which ensures that the light is turned on only when the room is in use.

Lighting control makes it easier to comply with the new standard for indoor workplace lighting, DS / EN 12464-1 which places stricter requirements on indoor work light. Denmark transfers to the new standard in 2016.

COWI advices on all areas of lighting control including motion sensors (PIR) for DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) and DMX control (digital control protocol).

Architectural lighting design

Architectural lighting design is about making indoor spaces and buildings look their best in artificial light. Through deliberate use of artificial light, COWI creates good working environments and exciting experiences for people. Focus is on aesthetics, technology and functionality when light is used to stage spaces and buildings and highlight elements and details.

The relationship between light and shadow, and the colour and intensity of the light plays a major role in the lighting design as it may affect the views of particular objects and the environment as a whole.

Exhibition lighting

COWI has worked with exhibition lighting for many years, with focus on communication, detail and drama. We often integrate scenography, film, sound and light to convey exhibition messages and create a special atmosphere and experience that makes the exhibition alive and present.

Scenographic lighting and event lighting

Scenographic lighting and event lighting not only belongs in theatres and exhibitions. It can also be used with advantage in for instance restaurants, hospitals, schools and urban spaces to emphasize architectural details or as way finding.

We design event lighting and scenographic lighting with the latest LED technology, which allows us unique lighting experiences with low energy consumption.

LAST UPDATED: 24.11.2017