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Value Engineering

Photo: Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects

​​Value engineering aims at suggesting alternative solutions to a project that will ultimately provide the client with a better building; whether in the shape of more indoor space, a more buildable project or a reduction in costs.

The lowest price and a shorter construction period without having to compromise on quality and function – that is in short the concept of "value engineering".

Alternative solutions

Value engineering is a service offered by COWI to increase the value of the client's investment.

By suggesting alternative solutions within the scope of the required architecture and function, the client can make significant savings on time as well as price.

On large projects, specialists typically design the individual building parts that are within their own field. With value engineering, a consultant will evaluate the whole to find opportunities for creating synergies between the interfaces and review the buildability and the selection of method.

The sooner the better

Value engineering can include all parts of a building process and can be conducted at any stage of a project. However, the sooner a project is reviewed, the greater the client's profit. Often, the need for value engineering may not become apparent until the project has been priced and turned out to be out of budget.

Conducted over several stages

Typically, value engineering is conducted over two or three stages: Project screening, bill options and project revision.

Project screening – an experienced engineer reviews the project to find technical options and savings. The client will receive a statement of potential project savings. There is no fee for this stage.

Bill options – a list of actual solutions that will bring savings. COWI and the client will go through the suggestions and price the expected savings. This requires that the original project has been priced.

Project revision - in agreement with the client, COWI selects the cost-saving initiatives to be implemented in the project.

LAST UPDATED: 04.08.2017