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Project management consultancy & Building Design

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COWI's project manager consultants come from a wide range of professions, inclu­ding architects, civil and struc­tural engineers and 

COWI fulfils the potential of a project through our independent and professional project management consultancy service.

Our project management consultancy (PMC) & Building Design is characterized by versatility in assignments, clients and geography.

It is our ambition to be the client's closest collaborator and assist in creating drive and creativity. We challenge our clients and partners to think outside the box and choose new solutions. The goal is to find the solution that best suits the purpose.

Holistic processes

COWI's project managers are well reputed for their holistic and process-oriented approaches. As project management consultants we look after the client's interests throughout the entire process from idea to inception, design and tender to construction and handing over of the project.

Our client consultancy is not a standard performance, but in each case targeted to the client's wishes and needs. We ensure that the result corresponds to the client's expectation in terms of time, costs, function and quality. Effective risk management plays a central role throughout the process.

We always make sure we have the right people on the job - whether it is the first project ideas or a business plan for an existing property portfolio. COWI's project management consultancy includes architects, economists, lawyers as well as engineers.

Innovation and sustainability

We add value when challenging our clients and collaborating partners by introducing new and innovative business concepts. At the same time, we strive to reach sustainable solutions and proactively propose climate friendly actions in all services.

We have core competencies in energy, transport, parking, noise and indoor environment that we can draw upon as needed. This helps to ensure that form, function and technology is delivered in the expected quality, along with economic and environmental sustainability.


LAST UPDATED: 12.09.2017