Quantity surveyor - cost and risk management of buildings

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​Cost management and risk management are key tools for managing a project's cost. COWI's quantity surveyors can help you meet project budget and get an overview of the risk factors.

​One of the biggest challenges in building projects is to manage costs and comply with the budget. Building is becoming an increasingly detailed and complex process, and COWI believes that it is worth challenging conventional methods and still deliver cost management in high quality and international class.

Cost management is about getting the most value for our clients' investments. All customers and projects are different, and therefore we also define value differently.

COWI's quantity surveyors ensure that project budgets are detailed and robust enough to carry out the scope defined. We do this by using our experience and in-depth knowledge of construction costs while providing a proactive approach to cost and risk management.

We prepare reports to our customers based on concrete and updated data, which makes it easier to be proactive in the decision-making process and forecasts. This keeps project costs and risks low and ensures that the projects succeed.

Cost and risk management early in the design

Early in the design, our advice and experience can be an invaluable help for our clients when making the right decisions on financially feasible design solutions.

As early as possible, the tendering and procurement strategy needs to be considered. The quantity surveyors' vast knowledge in this area will benefit the client and assist them in selecting the most suitable process.

The contractual documentation can be prepared once the procurement strategy has been agreed. This means  contractual conditions, special conditions etc. are established as early as possible. This will allow the client to prepare robust and suitable documentation to manage the execution.

Our quantity surveyors have experience with all aspects of cost management in building projects, ranging from private clients and public authorities to contractors and subcontractors.

Your advantages are:

  • Costs are kept within the agreed budget
  • Large savings
  • Updated overview of costs and risks
  • Better basis for decision-making
  • Reliable and efficient communication.

Other services:

  • Value engineering
  • Risk assessment and workshops
  • Dispute resolution
  • Insurance assessment
  • Handling of claims.

Our services in cost and risk management:

  • Advice on procurement, tender and contract
  • Prequalification of contractors
  • Preparation and evaluation of tenders
  • Preparation of contracts
  • Benchmarking
  • Feasibility studies
  • Financial assessment of competition proposals in project competition
  • Early estimates
  • Preparation of cost reports and cash flow forecasts
  • Cost management through all stages of construction
  • Preparation of final report and building accounts for auditor approval.

LAST UPDATED: 13.11.2017