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Refurbishment and retrofit

Photo: COWI
Refurbishment and retrofit require a scope of skills particular to each case. At COWI we have an extensive battery of services and hands-on experience that can match the specific requirement.

COWI's refurbishment and retrofit services cover the full spectrum of engineering and architecture.

Our portfolio of works ranges from interior layouts to performance repair and strengthening works of civil structures and buildings.

Skill set From the indoor climate of buildings and the external shell encompassing the windows, facades and roof, to the technical installations (building services) - all can be addressed, rearranged and improved to suit new layout or functional parameters.

When considering civil structures, we understand the importance of the structure to the client's business whether it be a government department of transport or an industry such as oil and gas or a private individual.

We consider all aspects of the life span encompassing economic, functional and technical, and look for the cause of the distress whether it be physical, chemical or electro-chemical before deriving the solution.

LAST UPDATED: 31.10.2017