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Economic analyses and tools

Photo: Alex E Proimo/flickr
COWI's economists carry out economic analyses which are used for decision-making, often in a political context.
Public authorities and private organisations face complex economic issues every day. COWI's customers will often benefit from tailor-made economic analyses and models.

Platform for decisions

We provide our customers with a well-documented basis for making decisions, for instance when implementing a new policy. Our customers can use our analyses directly in their own organisations.

We help our customers define, analyse and disseminate how a strategy or political regulation will affect the stakeholders and their interactions.

We do this by developing and applying a wide range of modelling tools depending on our customers' needs.  

State-of-the-art methodsWe use the latest, most advanced methods and tools for our analyses, and work across the sectors in which COWI has extensive knowledge, including transport, water, energy, solid waste and health.

The ability to draw on a multitude of disciplines is one of COWI's major strengths.


LAST UPDATED: 20.12.2017