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Economics of energy and climate change

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COWI's experts on climate change work with mitigation and prevention of emissions of greenhouse gases and CO2 and analyse the economic impact of adaptive measures.

Within the field of CO2 mitigation, COWI carries out economic analyses that show the impact of a variety of measures. We identify the most effective ways to reduce emissions.

We develop model analyses and tools that are used for an economic estimation of the costs of a variety of measures. We develop plans for mitigation for our customers on e.g. infrastructure in developing countries. This gives our customers the basis for making qualified decisions on how to reduce emissions.

Adaptation plans
Our customers include the World Bank, the EU Commission, IFIS, Danida and a number of governmental agencies.

If, for various reasons, it is not possible for our customers to reduce emissions, COWI develops an adaptation strategy showing the consequences in different scenarios.

We analyse the consequences of climate change and make economic impact assessments of climate change such as natural disasters, which are happening more frequently because of climate changes.

Across sectors
COWI's climate change economists have in-depth knowledge of several sectors, and work across sectors such as energy, transport, housing and agriculture.

Because we are part of a large, knowledge-based organisation, we can draw on the extensive expertise on technical conditions in most sectors.

LAST UPDATED: 18.04.2017