Transport economics

Photo: David Sim/flickr
The global transport sector is growing rapidly. This means an increased demand for economic and financial analyses as support tools for decision-makers.

International integration and the continuous development of markets have lead to an increased demand for improvement of the infrastructure, operation and organisation of transport.

Transport demand


In COWI we analyse the demand for transport by users of all modes of transport.

We estimate the effect on demand of e.g. changes in infrastructure, available service levels and changes in fee structures.

Economic and financial analysesOur transport economists conduct economic and financial analyses, feasibility studies and cost-benefit analysis.

Often our approach is based on local or national guidelines or on the EU Commissions’ guide to cost-benefit analysis. Our analyses are consistent and based on state-of-the-art knowledge.

Together with COWI's other experts within e.g. bridge design, roads, railways, environmental assessment and traffic modelling, we often provide a package of services.

COWI works in a number of countries, including Denmark, Europe, the CIS countries, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

LAST UPDATED: 30.06.2017