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Willingness to pay and demand analyses

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COWI helps to find out what customers and users want and how much they are willing to pay for it.

Do the users of childcare centres want organic lunches or longer opening hours? How much are the citizens of Copenhagen willing to pay for clean bathing water in the habour? Do the citizens of Georgia prefer clean drinking water or a better supply of electricity?

These are all examples of questions that COWI has answered in demand analyses, by means of the stated preference method.

Broad application

Demand analyses can be applied whenever there is a need to know more about a target group's attitudes, preferences and willingness to pay.

COWI has specifically applied the stated preference method within the field of utilities, mail and municipal services.

Particular interview technique

Demand analyses are carried out using a special interview technique and a subsequent highly specialised statistical handling of the collected data.

The interview technique makes it diffucult for the respondents to answer tactically. The statistical handling of data demands specific knowledge of statistical methods and econometric models.

Working with leading specialists

COWI has a strategic cooperation with the British company Accent, which has more than twenty years of practical experience with demand analyses.

COWI also keeps in close contact with the Danish specialists in the field.

LAST UPDATED: 30.06.2017