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Evaluation and impact assessment

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In COWI we see evaluation and impact assessment as a tool to make the best use of society's resources.
Our evaluations contribute to improving public service by measuring the effect of programmes, relating the effects to the resources used and comparing similar programmes.

Tool for change

Involving our customers and stakeholders in the evaluation process is a prerequisite for change, making the process the catalyst for positive change.


Evaluations may be an area of conflict, as a programme becomes the object of assessment.

COWI has very strict evaluation ethics, respecting the rules of anonymity, confidentiality and consent.

Transparency is a key word for us, which means that the stakeholders trust the evaluation process and the validity of the results.

Global projects
In COWI we encompass legal, economic and governmental perspectives in evaluations and impact assessments, and draw on several technical specialists in most fields of expertise.

COWI carries out evaluation and impact assessments for international donor organisations, development banks and the EU Commission.

This means that we have extensive experience with international evaluation standards.


LAST UPDATED: 03.01.2017