Programme and project evaluation

Photo: flickr/brian glanz
Programmes and projects are often used to support political objectives with public resources. The method is widespread in the EU, where programmes provide the setting for specific projects.
Often, programmes consist of a budget and clear guidelines for the spending of resources.

Projects are defined as the initiatives that receive funds from the programmes. It is common to support projects within the framework of the programmes in the EU.     

Methodical approaches
Programme and project evaluation requires different methodical approaches. An evaluation may be ex ante (set-up of the programme), mid-term (adjustment of the programme) and ex post (after programme completion).

Programme evaluations typically entail project evaluations, but project evaluations may also stand alone. 

Multidisciplinarity and specialisation
COWI evaluates programmes and projects within most sectors in the EU and globally. We combine multidisciplinary competences and specialised sector competences with expert knowledge on programme and project evaluation strategies. 

In many cases, COWI develops evaluation strategies and specialised programme and project indicators which make it possible to evaluate outcome, cost effectiveness etc.

LAST UPDATED: 28.01.2017