Business plans

Photo: La Citta Vitta/flickr

COWI has extensive experience in preparing business plans for private and municipal companies wanting to improve their performance.

Business plans typically help privately and municipally owned companies improve selected key performance indicators of their business.

Improving utility companies
The majority of the business plans that COWI develops are utility specific. They concern an increase in the service levels of a utility company, whether it is a public or private company or a public-private partnership.

We have developed business plans for utility companies particularly within the sectors of water, waste and energy in Europe, Caucasus, Asia and Africa.

Solid financial models
When preparing business plans, we make use of solid, well-documented and user-friendly financial models. This ensures our customers state-of-the-art analyses and easy access to calculations and assumptions.

Much attention is paid to sensitivity analyses, which enables our customers to make analyses themselves on the basis of the financial models developed.

LAST UPDATED: 27.01.2017