Grant and fund management

Photo: Julien Harneis/flickr
COWI manages several high-profile grants and funds in Africa.
Our aim is to make an impact by enabling the business community, including business membership organisations, trade unions and civil society to develop evidence-based policy positions and influence public policy formulation and reform.

COWI works closely with international development partners including Danida, DfiD, USAID, the EU and other organisations.

Integrity and transparency
We support our partners in their missions by carefully soliciting applications, evaluating them and selecting the best ones, managing the grant-making systems and monitoring grants to ensure that they are well implemented and obtain positive results.

COWI has teams of highly qualified and dedicated professionals with a deep understanding of complex political and institutional environments. The team follows high ethical standards based on business integrity and transparency principles.

Capacity building
We design and conduct capacity development programmes that offer wide-ranging support to the technical and financial aspects of managing grantee projects. We also organise training sessions for recipients who do not have the current capacity to design, manage and implement their own capacity development projects.

We also employ pools of identified, trained and carefully selected and accredited service providers to assist recipients in applying to the funds and/or assisting them in implementing the grant activities.

LAST UPDATED: 10.02.2017